Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bright. Cheerful. Filled with Love (and some hearts).

I (Heart) U - Budge Card (front)
Spring. A time for frolicking with greeting cards in a dewy meadows (possibly delivering messages of thanks, appreciation, or love - but not necessarily).
In any case, this I (Heart) U Budge Card is perfect for the occasion. Its bright, cheerful exterior is paired with a pink interior and a few hearts - A great backdrop for your personal message.
♥ ♥ ♥
For more information on how to get your own I (Heart) U Budge Card or other cards like it, please contact Holly at carrierbudgecards@gmail.com


  1. Well since the 'well opened' you know how i feel about love cards and hearts!

    A chubby little chick card is perfect for all occasions, very nice work, as usual.

    I wish him all the best sales this easter season!

  2. Thank you Laura!

    Haha I definitely understand what results from an open well...

    eg. "It really IS a wonderful life" *tear*

    it gets me every time... ;)