Friday, February 26, 2010

An Amazing Bird

No, I'm not just talking about the Budge (although he is pretty fantastic), I'm talking about the lyre bird from Australia. This bird can mick over 20 other species all in the hopes of attracting a mate. And if that isn't impressive enough, he can also mick random sounds such as a camera shutter and a chainsaw (who knows, maybe he's trying to seduce the sexy chainsaw he saw earlier... in any case, he's really leaving his options open).

Video provided by BBC Wildlife hosted by David Attenborough

After watching the above video it automatically went on to play "Male Birds Show Off Their Beauty to Attract Females" and I am so glad it did. Hilarious. I really recommend you watch it. The male pheasant may have "spectacular waddles" but the female's just not havin' it. And as for the others, is it just me or do the female birds look slightly uncomfortable in the presence of these elaborate displays?... Too funny.

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