Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrier Budge Holiday Greeting Cards - 2009

With Christmas less than 2 months away, and holiday displays hitting the stores, Carrier Budge would also like to join in the festivities and introduce our holiday line-up for 2009...

Dickie Dog Christmas Cards
-Oh-So-Festive, Oh-So-Dickie-

"Who's the Jerk in the Festive Dickie?"

Share smiles and laughter with Carrier Budge's very own Dickie Dog. He is slightly awkward, but very lovable, and proof that sometime's it's the little things that can bring the most warmth during the holidays

INSIDE: merry christmas

. . .
Preggo Holiday Greeting Cards
Wrapping Every Moment in Added Warmth this Festive Season

"I take it the bacon-wrapped cookies were your idea..."

Wrapped in love. Wrapped in bacon. These well-rounded Carrier Budge holiday cards make spreading festive cheer even more enjoyable with cards that tell a story, front to back.
And with a bacon-weave backing on every card, you are sure to please any palette.

INSIDE: Hope your holiday is filled with all your favourite things

Celebrating Pregnant Women And All Their Holiday Cravings
"Economy bag of jerky, waffle maker, AND a wading pool full of pickles?!! How did you know?!"

Another front to back good time starring Preggo. It's a holiday card that just keeps giving!

INSIDE: Cheers to the best Christmas ever!

(Back) "Honey, it's best not to bother mommy right now..."

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